13 October 2008

Feeling conflicted? Today's your lucky day.

Soon-to-be Blawg Review Sherpa Emeritus Diane Levin hosts this week's Blawg Review #181 at her Mediation Channel blog. As Diane explains, today is International Conflict Resolution Day, co-sponsored by the Association for Conflict Resolution and the World Mediation Forum to promote awareness of conflict resolution resources. The focus of the day seems to be upon resolving interpersonal conflict, so it'll probably do little to ease your intrapersonal conflict over your voting choices or your extrapersonal conflict with global economic forces beyond your control. Notwithstanding, if you have a running argument with your office mates about which posts were the best legal blogging of the past week, #181 will be just the thing. Highlights include lawyers behaving irrationally, the advisability of suing people to get them to return your calls, and bravely continuing on despite a traumatic hair coloring mishap. Dave Gulbransen hosts next week's Blawg Review at his Preaching to the Perverted blog.


Diane Levin said...

Colin, thanks for the support for Blawg Review #181 -- both your post and the behind-the-scenes help. I've enjoyed being a part of the BR team -- it's been a lot of fun.

r.e.ii said...

Just a new reader who would like to be a regular visitor - saying hello!
I am interested in what you are doing here.