20 October 2008

A man walks into a bar exam with a duck on his head...

OK, confession time here. Back in 1995, I took the Oregon bar exam at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland. To my relief and others' dismay, I passed the first time around; nevertheless, it was a solid year before I could drive past that building without my stomach tightening.

Thankfully, my second bar exam was stress-free. I suspect it's because I'm better prepared for the exam concocted by Preaching to the Perverted's Dave Gulbransen in this week's Blawg Review #182. This exam goes well beyond Blackacre and contrived transferred intent hypotheticals. From discovering the weaknesses of the DMCA takedown system during one's presidential campaign to discovering glossy law porn ("I swear, I only read it for the articles of incorporation!") to discovering that little Laura Ingalls has grown up and retained counsel, the twenty questions in #182 offer something for everyone.

Kimberly Kralowec will be tested next week when she hosts Blawg Review #183 at her site, The UCL Practitioner. We can be certain that she'll come through with flying colors. After all, Practitioner makes perfect.

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