24 November 2008

Only the fittest legal blogging survives.

Well, not really, as the continuing existence of this blog attests. There isn't a natural selection principle at work in this week's Blawg Review; instead, Joshua Fruchter of the LawyerCasting blog has been hard at work selecting the best legal blogging of the past week for inclusion in Blawg Review #187. The results of his efforts, presented on Evolution Day, the anniversary of the publication date of Darwin's The Origin of Species, consider a "survival" theme from a number of perspectives. These include the plotting the economic survival of various legal practice models, making sure one's own practice survives tough times, and contemplating personal survival outside legal practice. Eric Turkewitz, whose New York City Marathon-themed Blawg Review was widely-acclaimed last year, will host next week at his New York Personal Injury Law Blog.

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