27 November 2008

Thanksgiving is special.

What other day of the year do I look forward to seeing the Detroit Lions play? What other day of the year does the wife look forward to getting up early to watch people walk with balloons down a street in New York? Ah, Thanksgiving.

In this, the calm before the culinary storm to come, consider a more noble purpose for this day. As you pause to give thanks for your friends, family, and freedoms, why not contribute to help those who've given so much to secure those things?

I've written recently and in years past about Project Valour-IT and that fundraising gauge has lived in the sidebar for some time now; if you've not taken a moment to consider contributing, please take that moment now. This fundraising effort is now up to nearly $73,000 overall, with the Army team's contribution the largest of all the branches, at more than $30,000. Thanks to all of you who've joined me in contributing thus far!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! My sympathies go to those of you who root for the Lions (or, Heaven forbid, play for them); I started this post just after kickoff and now, approximately 20 minutes later, the Lions are down by 11 points. Lions fans, may the turkey and trimmings you will later enjoy remove the bitter taste in your mouths this season.

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