03 November 2008

There's an election of some sort tomorrow...

...but today, there's Blawg Review! I for one know which I prefer. For those who can't get enough election coverage, Dan Filler and his colleagues at The Faculty Lounge offer some that's actually interesting in Blawg Review #184. Highlights include a tolerant view of Governor Palin's misunderstanding of the First Amendment, a not-so-tolerant view of Senator McCain's accusations of socialism, and a few thoughts about the whether an Obama presidency would have an adverse effect on domestic law-and-order. Much like the campaign, it seems that Senator Biden made absolutely no impression on Blawg Review this week.

Duncan Bucknell hosts next week's Blawg Review at the IP Think Tank blog. In the meantime, don't forget to vote tomorrow. Or forget. At this point, I can't bring myself to care any longer.

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