19 January 2009

A Blawg Review not judged by the colors of its template but by the content of its posts...

Yolanda Young hosts Blawg Review #195 at her On being A Black Lawyer blog. The Martin Luther King Day holiday has prompted some wonderful posts, including Blawg Review #143 posted by Gideon last year, and Young's post is a worthy addition. She advises us that discussion at her site is casual but true; her post today is also heartfelt and rewarding for those who take a few minutes on this day off to read and consider it. Highlights include high hopes for the next president's inaugural address, lawyers judging others by the color of their skin (or the size of their waist) when choosing juries, and considering the meaning of racial identity once President Obama has taken the oath of office. Peter Black hosts next week's Blawg Revew at his Freedom to Differ blog.

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