28 January 2009

Perhaps it's still Monday in Australia?

I generally post my Blawg Review introductions on Mondays, when the reviews are are posted by their hosts. Obviously, I didn't manage to do that this week. It's not because Peter Black's Australia Day-themed Blawg Review #196 is a poor effort, or because I was busy celebrating Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day instead of Australia Day, or because the recent Australia movie starring Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman dishonored the entire nation.

Why am I two days late to Black's party? In the immortal words of Steve Martin, "I forgot."

Sorry about that. Highlights of Blawg Review #196 include hearing the sound of music at YouTube, acquiring closed-source software, and remaining hopeful about the Australian blawgosphere despite some recent departures. The fine folks at Legal Blog Watch will host next Monday, something I'll probably remember to mention again next Thursday.

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