13 January 2009

A post for those who prefer their legal blogging and their birds well-done.

I'm not certain why the following didn't get posted on Sunday evening, but no matter... Susan Cartier Liebel's Blawg Review is just as good two days later:

Not since I attended the Seattle Mariners' spring training in Phoenix, Arizona in 2001, the year they set a major league record with 116 wins, have I enjoyed a "Phoenix" this much! The Phoenix is the theme of Susan Cartier Liebel's Blawg Review #194 and celebrates innovation in the practice of law, something which will be the salvation for firms which hope to survive in the present economic climate. This is a particularly link-rich blawg review; highlights include innovating by simplifying fees and language, innovating by finding ways to capture non-traditional legal experience in partnership decisions, and innovating by connecting with others (although not to the point of distration). Coinciding with the Martin Luther King, jr. holiday and President-Elect Obama's inauguration, Yolanda Young will host the next edition of the carnival of legal blogging at her On Being A Black Lawyer blog.

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