03 February 2009

The Blawg That Never Sleeps

...not this week, anyhow. Legal Blog Watch is amongst the legal blogging elite at the Legal Tech New York conference this week. They managed to kick the week and the conference off right with an excellent Blawg Review #197, highlighting famous ukulele performers of the mid-20th Century.

Hold on, that's the subject of my next Blawg Review; Legal Blog Watch focused on legal technology, which seems much more appropriate. Highlights include using social networking sites in the hiring process, discovering that virtual intelligence is neither the end-all of effective legal practice nor a substitute for due diligence, and (of course) Twitter. Speaking of Twitter, something many legal bloggers seem to be doing more-or-less continuously, you can follow the Legal Tech New York conference on Twitter using the hashtag search "#ltny."

Jeremy Richey hosts next week's Blawg Review at his East Central Illinois Criminal Law & DUI Weblog.

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