23 February 2009

Happy anniversary, Blawg Review; you don't look a post over 199!

The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.

--Mark Twain

It should be noted that although the carnival of legal blogging reaches a milestone with this week's Blawg Review #200, it shows no signs of slowing down. If at some point in the distant future the carnival does finally fold its tents, I have no doubt that Blawg Review would be remembered fondly by the many who've hosted, read, and been linked in its already lengthy existence.

Notwithstanding, it might just be true that the best way to ensure that you get a flattering obituary is to write it yourself ahead of time.

Judge: Mr Bartlett, do you think there is any relevance in questioning the deceased?
Counsel: I beg your pardon m'lud.
Judge: Well, I mean, your witness is dead.
Counsel: Yes, m'lud. Er, well, er, virtually, m'lud.
Judge: He's not completely dead?
Counsel: No he's not completely dead m'lud. No. But he's not at all well.

--Monty Python, "How to Recognize Different Types of Trees From Quite A Long Way Away"

If Blawg Review is not even virtually dead, much less completely dead, and its place in the blawgosphere is secure even now, what makes the Anonymous Editor of Blawg Review's moot obituary worth reading? The short answer is that, as the illustrious if enigmatic host of ten Blawg Reviews himself, Ed. knows how to produce a post which is both a great retrospective on what's been done thus far and a great read in itself. Highlights in this special edition of Blawg Review include debating whether practical legal bloggers and legal marketing bloggers can all just get along, investigating why lawyers and hookers make great bedfellows, and considering why some notable legal bloggers have thrown in the towel.

It's like obituaries; when you die, they finally give you good reviews.

--Roger Maris

In addition to those highlights, Ed. also announces the award for Blawg Review of the Year for 2008. My own votes were for Charon QC's #141, Rush Nigut's #147, Victoria Pynchon's #171, Eric Turkewitz' #188, and Ron Coleman's #191. Unfortunately, as has been the case with various elections, Nielsen surveys, and group dinner choices, not enough people voted the way I did.

I'm honored that my fellow hosts have chosen my voyage with the Ancient Mariner in Blawg Review #189. Each year, the hosts of Blawg Review set the standard higher and higher and Prudence suggests that I should retire now, before I have a view of the field. I enjoy doing Blawg Reviews too much to listen to Prudence, however, and she's an insufferable nag anyhow. I'll look forward to congratulating next year's winner from my place somewhere lower on the leader board, just as I look forward to my next hosting gig and to the one after that and the one after that.

For now, I'm very grateful for this year's award and, considering the quality of Blawg Reviews this year, surprised to get it. So surprised in fact that I need to crib my acceptance speech from one of Ed.'s drinking buddies:
I never thought I'd win the Blawgies - I'd like to thank the Law Lords my pupilmaster [etc]


Barry Barnett hosts next week's Blawg Review at his Blawgletter site.

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