04 March 2009

The Eyes of Texas Are on Blawg Review

Texas is a world of its own. Bigger than many countries (and formerly an independent one itself, as Monday's Texas Independence Day notes), the only things bigger than the state itself are its larger-than-life people and the things they do. Well, the state of Alaska, that johnny-come-lately fiftieth state, is also bigger but we'll ignore that for now.

Anyhow, Texas is the subject of this week's Blawg Review #201, hosted by Dallas attorney Barry Barnett. From the "rocket docket" in the Eastern District of Texas to "hanging judge" Roy Bean's modern successors in the Texas judiciary, from native Texan Sir Allen Stanford to transplanted Texan Davy Crockett, and from remembering the Alamo to reconciling ourselves to the current economies of legal practice in Texas (and elsewhere), Barnett's Blawg Review covers a lot of ground just like his home state and muse for this week's carnival of legal blogging.

We move next week from the Lone Star State to Dear Old Blighty, when Carl Gardner hosts Blawg Review #202 at his Head of Legal blog.

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