30 March 2009

I'd like to begin Blawg Review, but first... the Holst!

Sure, that video's somewhat tacky and slightly dated, which George Wallace's elegant and up-to-date Blawg Review #205 is not. It also lacks the universal appeal of Wallace's Gustav Holst-themed post, but I haven't time to find anything better right now. I'm throwing this introduction together at the end of a busy day and I didn't have any time to Planet.

Apologies, all. I'll stop this fooling around and leave that to Wallace when he adds an April Fool's Day addendum to this morning's post; that follow-on will drop Wednesday at his A Fool in the Forest blog. Highlights of this week's Blawg Review (thus far) include a lesson in Karma for one of Madoff's scam victims, mediation in a down economy, and determining proximate cause in big law firm dissolutions.

J. Craig Williams hosts next week's edition of Blawg Review at his May It Please the Court blog. I can't speak for the court, but I suspect I'll be pleased with it.

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