26 March 2009

Is "Punctuality" a Sacred Cow?

I'll plead that I had a couple of days off earlier this week and then a great deal of catching-up to do at work, but the fact is that I'm just unforgivably late in linking to this week's Blawg Review #204, hosted by the fine folks at the Above the Law blog. I'm hoping that you weren't as late to the party, because it looks like a fine time. Highlights in this "skewering Sacred Cows" edition include debating whether Congress is actually dangerous or merely pathetic in the AIG bonus outrage, advising divorcing couples to consider their pets in addition to their dishware, and wondering what the hell we're all doing anyhow with this legal blogging thing. That last one may keep us navel-gazing for a while longer yet, but one fellow who's got things well-in-hand hosts not just the next Blawg Review but the next two. At his Declarations and Exclusions blog, George Wallace will host Blawg Review #205; the following week at his A Fool in the Forest blog, he'll host an April Fool's-themed review. That's as I like it, at least.

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