09 March 2009

It's a big world out there, but getting smaller all the time.

Carl Gardner hosts Blawg Review #202 at his Head of Legal blog. Not to Troy McClure him, but you may know Gardner from such Charon QC podcasts as No. 101, No. 103, and No. 109 (all available at lawcasts.net). In those conversations, Gardner demonstrated his command of current civil liberties issues in Britain; his Blawg Review this week covers that ground and ventures far afield, both topically and geographically, touching on international criminal law in Sudan, civil rights in Germany, and Constitutional law in America, amongst other matters. This is one of those Blawg Reviews which enlarges my perspective and blogroll. I'm always grateful when hosts expose me to bloggers whom I've not yet read, and it's doubly rewarding when, as here, new perspectives are served-up so neatly. GeekLawyer will carry the British standard forward next week when he hosts Blawg Review #203. Rule Brittania!

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Johanne said...

The internet does trancsend space - making it easy to communicate or do business with anyone anywhere in the world.