06 April 2009

If it's not Scottish, it's not Blawg Review.

Stuart Rankin (Mike Myers): Welcome to All Things Scottish. If it's not Scottish, it's crap! Can I help ye?

Customer (Phil Hartman): Uh, yeah. A friend of mine's Scottish and he's getting married, so I gotta buy a kilt.

Rankin: Well, you've come to the right store.

Customer: Now, the kilts you have are 100% Scotch kilts, correct?

Rankin: Well, actually, that's Scots kilt. Scotch is a drink; Scots are a people. But we're both great-tasting!

Customer: Allright... now in Scotland, do men wear kilts all the time?

Rankin: Oh, aye. It's a very manly garb.

"All Things Scottish"
Saturday Night Live
2 November 1991

On Tartan Day, J. Craig Williams honors his Scottish heritage with a Caledonian-themed Blawg Review # 206 at his May It Please the Court blog. Highlights include a survey of the G20 protests from the turret of a Tiger tank, a celebration of clannish behavior by social networkers, and a few shout-outs to legal bloggers who aren't Scottish but probably wish they were.

Jordan Furlong will go the extra eighth of a mile for us next week when he hosts Blawg Review # 207 at his Law21 blog.

UPDATE: Robert Burns is a fine poet to read on Tartan Day, but for my sixpence there's no finer Scottish poet than Ewan McTeagle.

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