25 May 2009

Blawg Review Throws in the Towel

Blessed are the geek: for they shall inherit the earth.

--Matthew 5:5 (Revised Internet Edition)
Memorial Day coincides this year with Towel Day. As Blawg Review #213 host Kevin Thompson points out, "Towel Day is also a memorial, but a geeky one," which arose after the untimely death -- er, "permanent existence failure" -- of Douglas Adams in 2001. Thompson helps the legal blogosphere get its geek on by explaining the universal significance of towels, drawing together the best legal blogging of the past week, and drawing a number of prominent former Blawg Review hosts out to pose with their towels. Highlights include grousing about lawyers' courtroom attire and grousing about that grousing, determining when legal ethics should prevent blogging a Supreme Court case, and realizing when not to ask a legal blogger to take down your photo from an unflattering post. Charon QC will host a return engagement next week. Until then, don't panic.

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