11 May 2009

Universal health coverage? Heated debate. HealthBlawg's Blawg Review? Unanimous acclaim.

I confess to a healthy amount of skepticism about both the Obama Administration's first hundred days in office and its next fourteen hundred or so days. Notwithstanding, I'm a great believer in David Harlow's ability to sum up the President's first hundred days in the White House while gathering the best legal blogging of the last seven. He certainly doesn't disappoint with Blawg Review #211, hosted at his HealthBlawg site.

Harlow reminds us that the President has "enjoyed" a very busy few months in office and the range of issues addressed by the Obama Administration in that time provides ample grist for the legal blogging mill. Highlights of this week's edition include a reminder that the first hundred days will be the last hundred days in the President and Vice-President keep eating undercooked burgers at greasy spoons, an overview of the knife-sharpening in preparation for a Supreme Court nomination, and debating whether our federation of red states and blue states is becoming socialist and whether the United Federation of Planets in "Star Trek" already is.

Next Monday, Tamera Bennett will host Blawg Review #212 at her Current Trends in Copyright, Trademark & Entertainment Law blog.

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