15 June 2009

A Blawg Review Host Deserving of the Royal "We".

I'll confess that I know little about the Magna Carta apart from the fact that it was a larger-caliber version of the original Carta, with improved penetration and stopping power. It seems that John Bolch knows a bit more about it than I do, which is fortunate since he's the one who's hosting the Magna Carta-themed Blawg Review #216 this week at the Family Lore blog.

This edition of the carnival of legal blogging is really more of a royal faire, replete with lords and ladies and more Middle Ages flavor than an evening at Medieval Times. Although my wife and daughter regularly address me as "My Lord", Bolch is the first outside my immediate family to do so. I like it. Once I'm through with this post, I'll circulate a memo around the office with some revised guidelines. But I digress.

Highlights of this edition include paring down the dirty tricks used in divorce to just ten, reconciling belt-tightening and work-life balance in Big Law, and considering whether naming names has a place in the blogosphere. The fine folks at the Securing Innovation blog will host Blawg Review #217. I might even suggest a few links if they'll promise to refer to me as "My Lord".

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