10 June 2009

Enjoy some pun in the sun down by the seashore.

If nautical nonsense be something you wish, forego Spongebob this week and check out Blawg Review. Commemorating World Oceans Day, Carolyn Elefant hosts a pun-filled Blawg Review #215 at her My Shingle blog. Yes, I know that World Oceans Day was on Monday; I would've done something then, like perhaps write an introductory post for Blawg Review #215, but I was a bit underwater with professional and personal commitments. Highlights include a crackdown on fraudulent charities, law firm lessons from the collapse of GM, and deciding whether it helps or hurts to Get a Life. English family lawyer John Bolch hosts next week's Blawg Review #216 at his Family Lore blog.

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