02 June 2009

Smoke Yourself Fit with Blawg Review

The inimitable Charon QC hosts Blawg Review #214 this week. The occasion is the anniversary of the declaration of war between the United States and Great Britain. Not the first war, the American Revolution in the 1770s and 1780s, and not the most recent one, when Geeklawyer hosted Blawg Review #203 back in March. No, Charon references the often-overlooked War of 1812, which occurred sometime in the 1830s I think, and which prompted Francis Scott Key to pen the poem which was later set to music to become our national anthem, "Baby Got Back".

As Charon's work so often does, Blawg Review #214 ranges far from its ostensible origins, highlighting the mysterious art of Smokedo, which combines exercise and smoking to achieve an enlightened and enigmatic state of being wherein the practitioner is both more and less fit. If you thought the well-known Zen koan about the sound of one hand clapping was confusing, ask yourself about the improvement of cardio-vascular fitness with cigarettes. Yes, Charon covers it all this week, from the doings (or lack thereof) of the Slackoisie to the misdeeds of Britain's expensive members of Parliament, from dictators with something lacking to a lack of excuses for stealing legal blog content, and from the neverending debate over Twitter's and blogging's respective merits to negotiating one's way through legal troubles. There's extensive coverage of the Sotomayor nomination, of course, and even a quick tour of Ireland and Scotland thrown in for good measure.

Carolyn Elefant will host the next edition of the carnival of legal blogging next Monday at her My Shingle blog.

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Charon QC said...

Thanks Colin - a gentleman and a fellow player. Appreciated.

Just remember to inhale on the way down and exhale on the way up when doing press-ups. You'll be fine

Soon... you, too will be a 30adayDan!

Speak soon.