06 July 2009

Everything Old Is News Again

From the beginning, Blawg Review has encouraged its hosts to showcase their own professional and personal interests, to give some color and flavor to their posts. Some of the more notable and memorable posts in Blawg Review's long (by blogging standards) history have been idiosyncratic ones, personal in the most charming sense. So it is with this week's Blawg Review #219, hosted by Cathy Gellis at her Statements of Interest blog.

I had the pleasure of meeting Cathy several years ago at one of Professor Eric Goldman's meet-ups of Bay Area legal bloggers; at subsequent meet-ups and on Twitter, we've had a chance to talk some more and strengthen that casual acquaintance. One thing you learn very quickly about Cathy is that she is moderately fond of Huey Lewis and the News. As the continuum of Huey Lewis knowledge amongst my other friends runs from "Who?" to "I think I remember him," to "I once owned one of his cassettes," I can say without much fear of contradiction that she's by far the most dedicated Huey Lewis fan I know. She may be the most dedicated Huey Lewis fan he knows.

That dedication is on display in this week's lengthy Blawg Review, along with the best legal blogging of the past week. Highlights include posts from News namesakes (Bill, Sean, Mario, Chris, and Johnny, but it seems that there are no legal bloggers named Huey), posts about maintaining eligibility for Medicaid and dealing with the unpleasantness that is health coverage, and a post contemplating that life may be better after a big law firm lay-off.

Tune in next week when Walter Olson will host Blawg Review #220 at his venerable Overlawyered blog and detail his abiding love for 80s hair bands.

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