07 July 2009

Gmail Finally Walks Down the Aisle

Back in April 2005, I wrote a post called "Always a Beta, Never a Bride" which described the semi-permanent "beta" labels Google associates with many of its products. Gmail was a notable example, having been in beta at that point for a year (since April 2004).

Well folks, it's a beta no more, as of this morning. It's been widely discussed by technology blogs that Google is making this change to Gmail and to its other Google Apps products to make them more palatable to businesses. Okey-doke. Whatever. I'm just happy that I lived long enough to see this day.

Oddly, the Gmail product team has created a setting whereby users can revert the logo back to its old beta appearance. I suspect, however, that the only users who are that nostalgic for Gmail in beta are on the Gmail product team. Regardless, congratulations to them; I was a happy Gmail user when it was in beta and I'll continue to be a happy Gmail user from this point onward (without the beta logo setting, thanks very much).

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