15 July 2009

Unsilent Partners (2)

Mike Semple Piggot has the lead essay at this week's Unsilent Partners; my response will be posted tomorrow morning. This time around, our topic is assisted suicide, prompted by Lord Falconer's recent proposal to amend the UK's suicide laws to prevent prosecution of those who accompany friends and relatives who've chosen to end their lives abroad. Although Falconer's amendment was defeated in the House of Lords, the topic will remain front-and-center, owing to the suicides of Sir Edward Downes and his wife at the Dignitas clinic in Switzerland this week. We'll address existing laws in the UK and US and add our own thoughts about this difficult issue. Shortly, at his Charon QC site, Mike will interview Lord Falconer about his efforts. As always, your comments are very welcome at the Unsilent Partners site or via e-mail to either Mike (mike at unsilentpartners dot com) or myself (colin at unsilentpartners dot com).

UPDATE: My response is now posted, appended to Mike's earlier essay. Comment away!

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