03 August 2009

It takes a village to raise a Blawg Review...

When it appeared that Blawg Review's lengthy streak of weekly posts might come to an end this week, the anonymous editor put out a distress call to the one legal blogger who might've seemed the least likely to respond.

Respond he did, though, and a bifurcated Blawg Review #223 was produced in record time, with one part hosted by noted Blawg Review curmudgeon Scott Greenfield at his Simple Justice blog and the other hosted by the Editor at the Blawg Review site. Highlights include deciding whether to take or leaf a contingent-fee case involving a tree, being dissuaded from a career in law by the Law Society, and filming police misconduct on both sides of the pond.

BabyBarista and The Art of War author and blogger Tim Kevan hosts next week's edition of the carnival of legal blogging. Probably. If not, you can read my review of the novel while the Editor scrambles to find another host for Blawg Review #224.

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