19 October 2009

A Blawg Review Sherpa gives us a [200-year] present.

Blawg Review Sherpa Victoria Pynchon hosts Blawg Review #234 at her Settle It Now Negotiation Blog site. She writes about the concept of a "200-year present" wherein we are affected by and affect the lives of the various generations which coexist with us. It's a thoughtful premise which works well in encapsulating the legal blogosphere's sometimes complicated interactions and webs of influence.

Week after week, legal bloggers write about (and Blawg Review reflects) conflicts within society generally, within the legal world more specifically, and within individuals very specifically. Pynchon discusses the various dispute resolution techniques we and our ancestors and descendants have used and memorializes the changes her own 200-year present has witnessed.

Highlights include a few notable applications of "tit for tat" game theory, celebrating legal rebellion and rebelling against the Rebels, and finding the nadir with Nazir as a court condemns the "most oppressive motion ever presented." Stephen Seckler hosts next week's Blawg Review #235 at his Counsel to Counsel site.

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