21 December 2009

Keep Fighting the Good Fight

Chris Sherliker issues a call to arms with this week's Blawg Review #243:
[S]hould not the steely and dogged courage and determination to fight back, often in the face of overwhelming odds, often in total default of resource and often when the very capacity to fight has itself been exhausted, be the distinguishing hallmark of our profession?

The case is bad. The facts are poor. The evidence is not there. It seems a forlorn endeavour. It seems a hopeless cause.

No matter. We will fight. We will fight back. We are fighters to the core. We have no choice. We must oppose to overcome. We will keep alive the intermittment spark of hope. Whatever the cost. However long and hard the fight may be.
Summoning the fighting spirit of the indomitable Winston Churchill (whom we yanks can happily note was half American), Sherliker urges us not to let the discouragements and adverse circumstances of the past year defeat us or diminsh our professional zeal. He rounds-up the best of the past week's legal blogging, including lawyers fighting overcriminalization, lawyers fighting homelessness, and lawyers fighting champagne cork and bagel slicing injuries.

The Blawg Review Editor will fight the good fight himself next week; the first Blawg Review of 2010 will be hosted by Charon QC the week following.

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