08 June 2010

Now that my "Scott Greenfield Day" fasting is finished, I can feast on Blawg Review.

Mark Bennett has a great round-up of yesterday's blawgospheric celebration of "Scott Greenfield Day". I commemorated this year's inaugural Scott Greenfield Day in a most appropriate way, I think... by working long but productive hours at my full-time job. Cynics might suggest that I was simply digging-through the accumulated workload piled-up during last week's time away and that, nose-to-grindstone, I simply missed-out on the Scott Greenfield Day festivities; to them I say, "You humbugs must learn to keep the spirit of Greenfield in your hearts all the year long!" Or not.

Venkat Balasubramai's publication yesterday of Blawg Review #267 at his Spam Notes blog is just icing on the Scott Greenfield Day cake. Highlights of this link-rich edition of the carnival of legal blogging include privacy and discretion on Facebook, sexual harassment on Craiglist and in the real world, and internet-induced stupidity. There's a lot in this week's Blawg Review; start reading it now if you've not already, lest you still be at it next Scott Greenfield Day.

David Harlow will host next week's Blawg Review at his HealthBlawg site.

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