14 March 2011

Like Pi, Blawg Review goes on and on without a predictable pattern emerging...

On Pi Day, Dianne Rosky hosts Blawg Review #302 at her PLS CLARIFY blog. Rosky writes on language and legal writing and explained why Pi Day is an appropriate one for Blawg Review to commemorate:
What, you may ask, does pi have to do with law, language, or legal writing? Well, nothing, but also everything. Math — like law, writing, and grammar — is defined by structure, logic, and formulae. Mathematicians talk about the grammar and language of math, and linguists talk (and write books about) the mathematics of language. Deep stuff.
Highlights of this edition of the carnival of legal blogging (and law-related mathematics) include lawyers contemplating the likelihood of their profession's obsolescence in an age of smart software and computing, briefly separating a good introduction from a bad one, and realizing the consequence of rambling past a word limit.

For now at least, mathematically speaking, the host for next week's edition is an unknown quantity. If you've not yet hosted Blawg Review, now's your chance to stand up and be counted.

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