20 April 2011

Blawgs are Bigger in Texas

Once again, it's taken me several days to get to Blawg Review; once again, it makes me wish I'd made the time to read it sooner. This week, the Blawg Review in question is a fine edition from Houston attorney Paul Kennedy — Blawg Review #307 celebrating "all things Texan". The occasion is the anniversary of the Texians'1836 victory in their war for independence from Mexico:
On the afternoon of April 21, 1836, General Sam Houston led his band of Texians against the forces of Mexican General Santa Anna on the banks of the San Jacinto River (just east of present day Houston). Gen. Houston ordered "Deaf" Smith to destroy the Vince's Bridge - cutting off the Mexican army from further reinforcement. Then came the assault. The Mexicans, having their only means of egress eliminated, were left with the choice of standing and fighting or trying to cross the bayous or river by foot. Eighteen minutes after the assault began, it was over.

The following day Texian forces captured a man wearing the uniform of an enlisted man attempting to escape through the woods into Vince's Bayou. The Mexican soldier was taken to the Texian's camp where he was recognized by the Mexican prisoners. Shouts of "El Presidente!" blew Santa Anna's cover. In exchange for his life being spared, Santa Anna signed an order commanding the Mexican army to leave Texas. The war for independence was over. The Republic of Texas was born.
Highlights in this week's edition include correspondence with a Senatorial pen pal, no-holds-barred political redistricting, and a realization that there's a world outside Texas (though there's really no reason to go there). Keith Lee will host next week's Blawg Review #308 at his An Associate's Mind blog.

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