11 April 2011

The Joy of Six

The Anonymous Editor of Blawg Review commemorates the carnival's sixth anniversary in this week's Blawg Review #306. In this largely-retrospective edition, Ed. lists the 305 posts published during that remarkable run. He also notes the half-dozen posts which have been designated as the best in their respective years:
These award-winning presentations show an appreciation of literature and art, a strong sense of community, passion for a cause, and a good sense of humor. These are common themes in the best of Blawg Review....
I'm honored that my Divine Comedy Blawg Reviews are on that select list and on this occasion, I'd like to share a tidbit of information about them: But for Ed.'s timely guidance, they wouldn't have had anything to do with Dante.

I was preparing for my first Blawg Review, with a theme in mind (one so crappy that I can't recall now what it was) and links in hand, when Ed. suggested that I explore the origin of my blog's title in Dante's Inferno. I thought that no one would care about something like that, so I pushed-back a bit, telling him that I already had another theme. He took a moment to get me to consider the possibilities and the following Monday I posted the 2005 Blawg Review of the Year. He might have a light editorial touch, but that light touch can be powerful, as I can attest.

Congratulations, Ed., on six years of Blawg Review.

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