24 May 2011

Blawg Review walks into a Goth bar. The bartender asks, "Why the long wait?"

Yes, it's been a bit since we had a new Blawg Review to enjoy.

This week's edition, Blawg Review #310 hosted by the SiouxieLaw blog, commemorates the recent World Goth Day with a very amusing overview of the past week's best legal blogging. Highlights include a round-up of the Rakofsky v. Internet brouhaha (which, believe me, is no less "haha" to those of us named as defendants), several considerations of the art of legal writing and argument, and an appreciation for Walter Olson's Schools for Misrule.

So, after SiouxieLaw's excellent Blawg Review, will our legal bar soon become a Goth bar? It's unlikely, as lawyers with Goth tendencies rarely see the light (*rimshot*). I for one hope not, for I'd be as out-of-place in a Goth bar as Howard and Raj were on Big Bang Theory. Perhaps if that occurs, I'll just leave practice and become an anti-social media consultant instead.

1 comment:

SiouxsieL said...

Excellent post and great clip. My advice is to start out with Steampunk and work you way up (or down) from there. You can't just go all goth lawyer at once. BTW, I'm still in awe of your Dante-themed blawg reviews.