15 January 2008


My Paradiso-themed Blawg Review #137 has been recognized as Blawg Review of the Year for 2007. Thank you to all those who voted during the nominations period; it's tremendously gratifying to know that my efforts were appreciated by my fellow Blawg Review hosts and particularly by several whose own work this year was, in my opinion, more deserving of this honor.

Although this completes the trifecta for my Divine Comedy Blawg Reviews (as Ed. mentioned, the Inferno-themed #35 won in 2005 and the Purgatorio-themed #148 won in 2006), this third award is likely the end of my run. The little-known fourth chapter of Dante's work, Snakes on a Gondola, is unlikely to provide such a rich source of theme material for another Blawg Review.


Brett Trout said...

Congrats on the win Colin! A well-deserved three-peat. Dante would be proud.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations... my advice... free, of course!

Go for a fourth term.