15 January 2008

Our Compliments to Blawg Review's Editor 'n' Chef

Blawg Review, the carnival of legal blogging co-founded by the anonymous editor of Blawg Review, highlights the best legal blogging each week. Issue after issue, hosts from across the legal blogosphere (and occasionally beyond it) are selected by the anonymous editor of Blawg Review to present the carnival in their own voices, sharing their personal and professional experiences and interests with the ever-growing Blawg Review audience. In developing each issue, the anonymous editor of Blawg Review guides each host, offering invaluable advice and links to worthy posts. Working tirelessly behind the scenes, the anonymous editor of Blawg Review brings attention to this cooperative effort and to the bloggers who produce each edition of the carnival.

Yes, there is a theme here.

While he takes time each week to recognize the hosts of Blawg Review, and annually singles out an outstanding Blawg Review of the Year, it has been the Anonymous Editor's practice since the beginning of the Blawg Review endeavor to shun publicity for himself. Notwithstanding, Diane Levin and Colin Samuels, the "Sherpas" who assist the hosts and the anonymous editor to source posts for each issue of Blawg Review, would like to take this opportunity to recognize, and to invite others to recognize, Ed.'s efforts.

Over nearly three years, Blawg Review has grown to become a widely-respected brand in the legal end of the blogosphere. Presented each week by a different host, Blawg Review shows readers the many faces of the law, both in the U.S. and across the globe. In the best tradition of law and justice, as an institution it is open for all to participate, bringing well-deserved attention, appreciation, and traffic to the many lawyers, legal academics, law students, legal professionals, and others who blog about legal topics and issues.

Blawg Review has prospered where other carnivals have failed; it has grown in reputation where others have dissolved into infighting. Blawg Review stands tall as a positive and enduring example of what can be accomplished by and among bloggers; its success results in large part from the efforts of the anonymous editor of Blawg Review.

Thank you, Ed.

Cross-posted by Diane Levin at MediationChannel.com.

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