14 July 2008

Gonna make a jailbreak...

AC/DC had their '74 Jailbreak, released after singer Bon Scott's death, and it's still a great record. Steve McQueen made a Great Escape a decade or so before then and it inspires whenever it comes on. Only an Eighteenth Century French prison break gets its own national holiday, however.

On Bastille Day, Jeffrey Mehalic hosts Blawg Review #168 at his West Virginia Business Litigation blog. Highlights include picking-through the writing errors in the recent Heller decision, the legal ins and outs of leaked sex tapes, and giving 150% to the practice of law.

From this point forward, Le Quatorze Juillet will no longer cause my thoughts to turn to the French Revolution but instead to business litigation in the Mountain State. Vive La Virginie Occidentale!

The Whisper branding blog will host Blawg Review #169 next Monday. If you'll promise to read it, I'll promise not to trot out my feeble high school French.

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