30 November 2008

Forget about takeaway; you'll want to stay awhile at this restaurant.

Eric Turkewitz has become known in the legal blogosphere for his excellent New York Personal Injury Law Blog and particularly for last year's Blawg Review of the Year runner-up, Blawg Review #134. This year he returns, describing a Thanksgiving holiday with Arlo Guthrie in Blawg Review #188.

For those who may not be familiar with Guthrie, he is a folk singer whose signature song, "Alice's Restaurant Massacree," lasts anywhere from eighteen to forty-five minutes, depending on his mood. Your reading of this week's Blawg Review probably won't require anything like forty-five minutes, but it will be time well spent. Highlights of this week's edition include the legal challenges associated with international piracy, tales of law enforcement overreach, and the propriety of presidential pardons (for humans and turkeys alike).

It's another tour de force from Turkewitz and I for one pity the one who has to follow him next week. If it's not been said before, it's been said now: self-pity is the best pity.

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