05 December 2008

TGIS: Thank God It's Schadenfreude! (196)

This week's joy in the misfortune of others comes courtesy of New Zealand's 3 News (via Boing Boing) (from Monday, December 1; link good at time of posting):
A thief who stole thousands of dollars worth of electrical gear may want to go into hiding after his picture appeared on billboards around Auckland.

The man's photo has been used by an advertising company which owns the billboards and the transformers he stole.

Last month the thief took 15 transformers belonging to advertising firm OTW, used to light up a sign. Businessman Mark Venter says they are worth $5000, but were probably taken for copper worth just $150.

"It's a crime that has a big impact on our company, and he's netted some small change from it," says Mr Venter.

He is furious with the theft, and says his advertising company has responded by doing what it does best.

"It was too good an opportunity to ignore," says Mr Venter. "We felt obligated to say 'right, can we match this guy's face to a name?'"

. . . .

Mr Venter says his company is not worried about legal action.

"I think you kind of waive your privacy rights when you steal things."

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