20 September 2010

What he said.

Constitution Day was this past Friday and, as Constitutional issues often show-up in my (usually) weekly A Round Tuit posts, I expected to feature a few choice Constitution-related posts there on Wednesday. I needn't bother now; Mark Bennett has done a wonderful job of it already with a Constitution Day-themed Blawg Review #282 at his Defending People blog. There's nothing more I would want to add to his excellent discussion of the importance of and challenges to Constitutional rights. Highlights include celebrating the Constitution as vague platitudinous motivator, judging freedom of speech by the lowest common delusional wacko standard, and discovering through statistical analysis that the Third and Seventh Amendments could use a little more love in the legal blogosphere. The Blawg Review Editor will take the reins next week for Blawg Review #283.

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