18 February 2005

True Professionalism (Update)

Regarding a previous post, Rakesh Khurana writes (in part):
As an aside, there is a correction that Marketplace will be making to the byline because the commentary was based on a co-authored chapter that I contributed to an edited volume, not a book I've written. I am in the process of writing a book on the historical and social evolution of business education in America, but alas it is still several months from completion.
This topic is a broad one (this week's Economist asks, "Is the MBA responsible for moral turpitude at the top?") and two minutes on a radio program certainly cannot do justice to Professor Khurana's views. Meanwhile, the book referenced in the Marketplace program, to which he contributed, is available here; his earlier solo work, Searching for a Corporate Savior: The Irrational Quest for Charismatic CEOs, and an earlier volume to which he contributed, Harvard Business Review on Leadership at the Top, are also available.

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