29 August 2005

Blawg Review 21: Our Baby's All Groweds-Up

Yes, Blawg Review has reached its 21st and the My Shingle blog is the guy behind the guy behind the guy. This issue is money. So, you're thinking, "how long should I wait until I read Blawg Review again?" Well, industry standard is two days, so call next week. A week from today, you can be sure that there will be a whole new bunch of beautiful babies lookin' to party. Review the submission guidelines and recommend an outstanding law-related post you see this week or perhaps one of your own worthies (but not that little bunny post, cowering in the corner of your blawg . . . go with the big bear post with claws and with fangs). The deadline for next Monday's issue is this coming Saturday evening. You're so money, baby.

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