30 August 2005

Bush Lied, Cajuns Died?

The Associated Press is reporting that, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina (which was caused by global warming engineered by the Bush Administration), there are widespread power outages, several areas are without drinking water and are subject to martial law, dozens have been killed, institutions including hospitals and prisons are all-but-vacant following evacuations, and government officials have acknowledged that looting is widespread and taking place despite police presence.

President Bush and his neo-conservative cabal have failed to formulate a coherent plan to win the peace in the "Bayou Triangle" formed by the chaotic regions of Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi. It was obviously a mistake to try to liberate Louisiana from the totalitarian clutches of Napoleon Bonaparte and it's painfully clear that we have no exit strategy from this Louisiana Quagmire. I plan to make this crisis all about myself by following Mr. Bush around the country until he meets with me to articulate a reason for our continuing presence in Louisiana and the Deep South.

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Traverse City Attorney said...

same old .. same old. The spin cycle will not wash this water down the drain.