30 August 2005

Next Year's Field for "Scottish Politician of the Year" Narrows by One

A Member of the Scottish Parliament and the British House of Lords has been charged with arson after he torched the drapes in an Edinburgh hotel upon his return from a dinner presenting the "Scottish Politician of the Year". The Associated Press reports:
Lord Watson, a member of Prime Minister Tony Blair's Labour Party, denied two charges of intentionally setting a fire when he first appeared at Edinburgh Sheriff Court on Aug. 23.

. . . .

Watson is charged with deliberately setting fire to a curtain in the lobby of the Prestonfield House Hotel in the early hours of Nov. 12, shortly after he attended a dinner to announce the Scottish politician of the year.

The prosecution says the curtain, a curtain rail, walls and a ceiling were damaged and the lives of hotel guests were put in danger.

Watson is also charged with setting fire to a curtain in the hotel's Yellow Room, damaging the curtain and endangering the lives of hotel guests.

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