23 August 2005

DC Comics Denies the Obvious . . . Not That There's Anything Wrong With That

The Register reports that Batman and Robin have been outed (were they still "in"?):

DC Comics has taken exception to watercolours of Batman and Robin snogging and generally getting it on and has ordered the Kathleen Cullen Fine Arts gallery in New York to take down Mark Chamberlain's provocative representations or face the legal consequences.

Also at the receiving end of DC's wrath is art website Artnet . . . which carries some of the images. Artnet's 18 August [magazine] notes they have received a "cease & desist" letter similar to that slapped on gallery owner Kathleen Cullen for displaying "images of Batman and Robin exchanging a kiss, a watercolor titled Robin's Baby Pictures depicting the Boy Wonder's cute rear end, and a rendering of the Caped Crusader, sans shirt but otherwise in costume, striking a languorous pose".

Holy Stonewall, Batman! No word just yet on how this caped kerfuffle will resolve itself, but stay tuned to this same Bat Channel.

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