22 August 2005

Doctor, I have this recurring dream where Mommy serves me Dos Equis.

Vell, haf you been comparing your SiteMeter reports to Instapundit's? Ah, yes -- a classic case of link envy, aggravated by the release of Blawg Review XX, courtesy of The Mommy Blawg.

Although it often seems that the study and practice of law bear little resemblance to reality, Mommy manages to filter this past week's best blawging through the warped prism of reality television. This week's edition proves that Mommy knows best -- it's a relaxing Love Cruise, with no posts deserving a trip to "Loser Island".

Can My Shingle top this? Tune in next week to find out. In the meantime, be sure to review the submission guidelines and recommend an outstanding law-related post you see this week or perhaps one of your own worthies; the deadline for next Monday's issue is this coming Saturday evening.

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