17 October 2005

28 Blawg Reviews Later

Blawg pioneer J. Craig Williams hosts the twenty-eighth edition of Blawg Review at May It Please The Court®. As Algonquin Round Table member Robert Benchley said, "There are two kinds of people in the world, those who believe there are two kinds of people in the world and those who don't." It seems that our host this week is of the former variety; he treats us to an adversarial, plaintiff v. defendant view of the blawgosphere.

Where were all these intelligent and articulate people before the rise of blogging? Some were probably heard from in other media and other forums, but most were operating below the radar or were too shy to speak up. An exchange between zombie-virus survivors Selena and Jim in the film 28 Days Later probably sums up why many of the folks in this week's issue started blogging in the first place:
SELENA: Why didn't you say anything before?

JIM: Well, because I didn't think you'd give a shit.

That blogging has enabled such a broad cross-section of the legal world -- both from practice and academia -- to make their voices heard is wonderful; that Blawg Review is able to reflect the depth of insight and talent throughout the legal blogging community on a weekly basis is nothing short of amazing. Review the submission guidelines and recommend the best legal blogging you see this week; the deadline for next Monday's issue is this coming Saturday evening.

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