14 November 2005

Thirty-Two Short Blawgs About Samuel Alito

This morning brings the thirty-second edition of Blawg Review, hosted by the JAG Central blog. The military justice system has always seemed something of an enigma to the civilian world; there is something familiar about it, yet it is undeniably different than what we know in our own lives. JAG Central has offered a bit of perspective and insight into the military's legal practices at a time when the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the activities associated with the war on terror, and the detention of prisoners in Iraq and Cuba have brought issues heretofore of concern principally to the military to our collective attention. This week's issue of Blawg Review underscores the vast common ground amongst attorneys and legal scholars in the military and civilian worlds. Next week's edition should be just as illuminating, as the watchdog blog Overlawyered does the hosting honors. Review the submission guidelines and watch for the best in legal blogging; the deadline for next Monday's issue is this coming Saturday.

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