30 January 2006

The Blawgel Fish

Kevin A. Thompson hosts the forty-second edition of Blawg Review at his Cyberlaw Central site. This week's issue is dedicated to the works of Douglas Adams, of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy fame. Despite being a science fiction afficianado, a fan of British comedy, and a moderately well-read individual generally, I've never managed to get around to reading this much-beloved series; BR42 has certainly whetted my appetite, though. From the AltaVista Babel Fish translator to the Trillian universal IM client, the books' impact on those who have built the modern internet is palpable; it seems that there's been some effect on web-connected lawyers as well.

Next week, the Mediation News Online site will enjoy hosting honors (although I'm not certain where you go from "the Restaurant at the End of the Universe"). Review the Blawg Review submission guidelines, keep an eye peeled for the best legal writing in the Blogosphere this week, and we'll find out together next Monday.

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