27 April 2006


Well, the first month of the Seattle Mariners' season is nearing its end and, much like last April, the M's are under water.

If there's a bright spot thus far, it's been the team's stellar performance on Wednesdays and Thursdays. With last night's 5-1 win over the White Sox, the M's will finish April with a nice 6-1 record on those days. Sure, they have no wins yet on either Fridays or Sundays (combined 0-6) and just one win each on the other three days of the week (combined 3-7), but why dwell on the negatives? There's a Wednesday game every week of the season except the week of the All-Star Game and a dozen Thursday games sprinkled here and there throughout the schedule -- that's 33 good opportunities not to disappoint.

With the team's current record at 9-14 and the data we have accumulated thus far, we can extrapolate a season record of somewhere between 9-153 and 148-14. Perhaps last night's win was not just a win but was instead the start of a 140-game winning streak.

It probably was, but now I've gone and jinxed it. Dammit.

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