26 April 2006

Patent No. 3,557,362 on the Head Time

Happy World Intellectual Property Day to you and yours! Coming as it does so close on the heels of Passover and Easter this year, World Intellectual Property Day is bound to get short shrift, but at least George and Laura remembered.

The World Intellectual Property Organization, which runs the event, has a list of suggested activities for us. Sadly, all of their suggestions blow. As an alternative to their tired ideas, this afternoon I will be leading a parade of technology and intellectual property counsel through the streets of downtown San Jose. We will be stark naked, clad only in World Intellectual Property Day posters. Although she is not actually a technology or intellectual property attorney, Keira Knightley will be accompanying us; she looks fabulous wearing only a World Intellectual Property Day poster and the groundbreaking "reverse restraining order" I was granted recently requires her to remain within 300 yards of me at all times.

What's that, Keira? You say World Mental Health Day is October 10? Interesting.

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