12 May 2006

TGIS: Thank God It's Schadenfreude! (63)

This week's joy in the misfortune of others comes courtesy of the Associated Press (from Wednesday, May 10; link good at time of posting):

The manager of a Christian bookstore chased a would-be robber with a pair of scissors and cornered him until authorities arrived, police said.

Tim Davis was working alone at his family owned Salt and Pepper Christian Store when a robber showed him a note demanding money and claiming he had a gun hidden under a folded newspaper, according to police reports.

Davis said Monday he did not believe the robber had a gun because the newspaper was too thin.
"I am a peaceful man, but I am not passive," Davis said.

Instead of handing over the cash, Davis grabbed a pair of scissors from under the counter. Davis said when the robber did not reveal a gun, he knew that he was unarmed.

The robber, who remains unidentified because he is a suspect in other robberies, fled the store with Davis hot on his heels, scissors still in hand.

"The only thing I did wrong was run with a pair of scissors," Davis said.

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