15 May 2006

Warning: Blawg Review #57 May Contain Lawyerlike Substance

The fifty-seventh edition of Blawg Review is now available at law student Ryan Austin's Lawyerlike site. The issue is not so much an homage as an acknowledgement of that which many of us in practice are loath to admit -- that much of what we learned about being attorneys came not from law school but from television. It was widely reported that, during the 80s and 90s, LA Law precipitated a boom in law school enrollments. At lunchtime in the students' lounge area at my school, the television was always tuned to the daily reruns of Perry Mason. Lionel Hutz, who merits his own section in this issue, was very possibly my greatest legal influence, although I had aspired to better things -- namely, to be Tom Hagen, consiglieri to the Corleones. Overall, Issue Fifty-Seven is definitely more Law and Order than Century City, quality-wise. Kevin Heller, Blawg Review Blawgfather and Regular Contributor, will likely turn off the boob tube next week when he hosts Blawg Review #58 at his Tech Law Advisor site.

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